‘Signature’ is your opportunity to experience all we have to offer. An all-night event with 18 servings. We estimate a minimum of 4 – 5 hours at the table. ‘Signature’ is available Thursday, Friday and Saturday, both with or without wine pairings.

Half throttle

‘Half throttle at Gastromé’ is our weekday menu and consists of 6 snack servings and 3-courses. We estimate a minimum of 1,5 – 2 hours at the tab ‘Half throttle at Gastromé’ is available on Wednesday and Thursdays, with or without wine pairings.

Full throttle

‘Full throttle’ consists of 17 servings. We estimate a minimum of 3 – 4 hours at the table. ‘Full throttle’ is available Thursday and Friday, both with or without wine pairings.

Private Dining

Private Dining at our longtable in the wine cellar. For a minimum of 6, and a maximum of 14 people. 6 Snacks – 6 Servings – 6 Wines. We estimate a minimum of 3 – 4 hours at the table. ‘Private Dining’ is available on all days, with or without accompanying wine pairings. Read more about ‘Private Dining’ Contact our staff to be informed about allergenes

Winemenu I

On this winemenu our main focus is the best match to the dish, chosen from within our skillset and believes, without following a specific set of rules. There will be a versatility between wines showing harmony and contrasts, and supplementing the food, in a dynamic, yet curious and exploratory way. We will get around both classic- and naturally produced wines, from a mix of smaller, lesser known upcoming regions and farmers, as well as more recognisable ones.

Winemenu II

On this winemenu, while matching with the food; the joy of recognition, and the choice of wine as an independent glass, will be equally emphasized.We will stay within the boundaries of more familiar wine regions and -appellations, and serve wine from farms and producers who are already more established, and from where the name perhaps speaks for itself. Our approach will be more classical, with mostly harmonic combinations of food and wine, served in a progressive manner.