welcome to Gastromé

Gastromé is a small evening restaurant with 40 seats. The restaurant is located in the Latin Quarter in one of the oldest streets of Aarhus, and it is surrounded by streets of cobbles stone and secret backyards. Our menus are seasonal and the ingredients depend on nature and the time of year.

Our main source to inspiration is the sea, forrest and our own garden just 8.km away from the restaurant. Gastromé “the garden” is consisting of around one hectare of land where we grow our own herbes, root vegetables, berries, apples and other seasonal, natural grown crops. Besides that the garden also contains our own beehives with bies to pollinate the garden and produce honey to the restaurant.

Welcome to Gastromé

Søren Jakobsen & William Jørgensen

Gastromé holder lukket grundet Covid-19, MEN:

Vi glæder os til at se jer igen Torsdag d. 21/1-2021

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